Vita Nebbia Decor Brick Tile

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Vita Nebbia Decor Brick Tile
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21044 Vita Nebbia decorative brick tile 10x20cm by Fabresa (Spain).

A red bodied ceramic wall tile with a rippled glaze and different prints inspired by traditional fabrics and floral textiles. The Vita Nebbia is a collection of 12 different digitally printed patterns and each box is randomly mixed. Part of the Vita series of decorative brick tiles.

Metro tiles are consistently popular through the shifting seasons and offer a classic vintage look. They are also commonly known as brick tiles because of their shape or subway tiles after the London Underground and New York Subway systems when such tiles were used to decorate the original stations.

Originally a small bespoke ceramics manufacturer founded in the Spanish province of Castellón in 1960, Fabresa has undergone an ambitious expansion which has propelled it into the global tile market driven by a firm commitment to quality and innovation. 

Please note that while we take every effort to accurately display each tile, variations in screen resolution, lighting and different production batches may affect your viewing. We recommend requesting a FREE tile sample to help you purchase the right tile for your home or business.


Size 10x20cm
Thickness N/A
Tiles Per Square Meter 50
Tiles Per Box 50
Finish Gloss
PEI Rating N/A
Product Code W/VITA/02

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