artesano mix colour range with bathroom furniture

Each Handmade tile by definition is unique with variation in finish, glaze and shade meaning every wall is distinctive for its owner. With modern print technology manufacturers are now able to mass produce rustic and artisan tiles and give the illusion of tiles with handmade qualities with multiples mixed in every box to give that random finish effect.

Rustic tiles are clay-based tiles with uneven edges, rippled surfaces to create a natural looking tile, perfect for vintage kitchen and traditional bathroom schemes.

One of the oldest surface coverings, tiles creates a very practical finish. Waterproof and easy to wipe clean makes them perfect for splashbacks and bathroom walls.

Traditionally handmade tiles tend to be made of ceramic clay rather than porcelain, so are better suited to walls rather than floors, and their lack of uniformity and straight edges makes them more difficult to lay. Because of this you may wish to use a skilled tiler.

In store now Brooke Ceramics has a variety of different rustic tile ranges that can be used anywhere in the home:

artesano tile dark mix with basin

Artesano by nanda tiles 7.5x30cm tile range is a long narrow tile with wavy edge and rustic rippled gloss glaze. Colours can be mixed or used on their own to highlight different colour schemes in kitchens and bathrooms.

artesano light tile mix with

Artisan tile range by fabresa 10x20cm is a metro tile brick size but instead of having a bevel edge has multiple dimpled surfaces mixed together giving a random wall tile effect . Straight edges makes the artisan easy to fix.

artisan white tile with kithcen work top and plant

Perfect for rustic or vintage-inspired schemes the Artisan range allows you to bring an element of tradition into your contemporary space.

Bronx by Ecoceramic 7.5x30cm is a long wavy edge tile with gloss finish and wavy uneven front. With traditional colours as well as turquoise green the range adds character to any wall its on.

bronx white tile with bathroom basinbronx turquise brick tile

Aria brick tile 10x30cm by Fabresa is a larger brick tile with straight edges making it easy to fit. The front has a subtle light ripple which only stands out depending on the type of light in the room.

aria white and green wall tiles in bathroom setting

rustico blue tile against wood

Rustic tiles are perfect as country kitchen tiles or for traditional Victorian bathrooms, bringing a unique mix of colour, pattern and texture, adding instant character to kitchen walls.

rustico tile colour mix