Evo Senape Pattern Tile

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Evo Senape Pattern Tile
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Evo Senape pattern tile 20x20cm by Elios Ceramica (Italy).

An Italian porcelain tile with a smooth matt finish, anti-slip rating and frost-proof glaze suitable for walls and floors. The Evo Senape is part of the D_Esign Evo collection which uses light pastel colours to create an impression of space in a room but with the classical details of traditional Italian flooring featuring a digitally printed wallpaper design. Also known as Decoro Evo Senape Sogg A.

Although produced using modern manufacturing methods, the Evo Senape is sometimes referred to as an encaustic tile. Before the advent of screen printing (and more recently digital printing) one technique of applying different colours to tiles was to use different coloured clays. The Victorians called these encaustic tiles which were originally known as inlaid tiles. It is common for patterned tiles to be conflated with encaustic tiles because they share many similar features including colourful repeating print patterns.

Tiles classified as an anti-slip floor tile are assigned an ‘R’ value which runs along a scale from R9 (not tested but manufactured to a minimum standard) all the way through to R13 (the highest slip resistance). As the Evo Senape has an R10 slip rating, it is most suitable for dry domestic areas such as kitchens.

Frost-proof tiles are an important consideration for rooms where the temperature may drop below zero such as utility rooms and conservatories. Tiles with a frost-proof glaze have a water absorption rate of less than 0.5% meaning they are ideal for such conditions. Tiles which are not frost-proof may absorb water which would freeze at zero and below, causing the tile to crack. 

Founded in 1968, Elios Ceramica specialises in small artistic porcelain tiles drawing inspiration from Italy’s historic tradition in ceramic craft and design.

Please note that while we take every effort to accurately display each tile, variations in screen resolution, lighting and different production batches may affect your viewing. We recommend requesting a FREE tile sample to help you purchase the right tile for your home or business.


Size 20x20cm
Thickness 1cm
Tiles Per Square Meter 25
Tiles Per Box 30
Finish Matt
PEI Rating N/A
Product Code F/EVO/01

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