Norcros Light Grey Floor & Wall Tile Grout 10kg

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Norcros Light Grey Floor & Wall Tile Grout 10kg


Norcros Floor & Wall Tile Grout is a water and weather resistant tiling grout for use in grout joints between 2 and 12mm wide between ceramic, natural stone, vitrified tile and mosaics on both walls and floors.

The grout is easy to use needing only the addition of water but can be improved for surfaces subject to vibration and where reduced water permeability is required with Norcros Adi-Flex Grout Additive.

Norcros Floor & Wall Tile Grout can be used in both internal and external conditions and in fully immersed conditions such as pools. It is water resistant but not impervious to the passage of water, in situations where the background needs to be protected against water ingress the use of Norcros Wet Seal should be considered. Where an impervious grout joint is required Norcros Super Epoxy Grout should be used.

Conforms to classification BS EN 13888 CG1.

Read the manufacturer's data sheet here.

Not sure how much grout to use? Check out the manufacturer's grout calculator here.


Size 10kg
Flexible N/A
Usage Wall & floor
Grout Type Coarse
Grout Joint 2-12mm
Product Code A/GROUT/03