Norcros One Part Flexible Adhesive Grey

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Norcros One Part Flexible Adhesive Grey


Norcros One Part Flexible Adhesive Grey is a highly polymer fortified adhesive mortar for use on walls and floors in both internal and external locations.

It requires only the addition of water as it is specially formulated with Rock-Tite™ polymeric binders to impart flexibility, water resistance and increased strength – usually only achieved by the addition of polymer admixtures.

It is ideal for tiling in heavy duty areas such as swimming pools, commercial showers and locations where thermal variation may occur. Setting time is 16 to 24 hours.

When fixing light coloured or translucent tiles or natural stones use a white adhesive such as One Part Flexible White or Rapid Porcelain & Stone White. Conforms to classification BS EN 12004 C2T.

Read the manufacturer's data sheet here.

Not sure how much adhesive to use? Check out the manufacturer's adhesive calculator here.


Size 20kg
Flexible Yes
Usage Flexible substrates
Grout Type N/A
Grout Joint N/A
Product Code A/ADHESIVE/19