Norcros Tile To Gypsum Adhesive

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Norcros Tile To Gypsum Adhesive


Norcros Tile to Gypsum Adhesive is a fibre reinforced anhydrite based thin bed adhesive designed for the internal fixing of fully vitrified porcelain, ceramic and natural stone tiles directly to gyvlon, gypsum, anhydrite or calcium sulphate-based screeds and gypsum plaster walls with a Relative Humidity (RH) of up to 85%.

Unlike when cement-based adhesives are used, surfaces do not require sealing. However highly absorbent surfaces should be primed using Norcros Prime Bond diluted 1:4 with water and allowed to dry before fixing commences.

Norcros Tile to Gypsum Adhesive has a setting time of 2 hours at 20 degress Celsius permitting early trafficking of the tiled installation. When cured, the adhesive achieves comparative strengths to a conventional C2 cement-based adhesive.

Read the manufacturer's data sheet here.

Not sure how much adhesive to use? Check out the manufacturer's adhesive calculator here.


Size 22kg
Flexible N/A
Usage Gypsum substrates, anhydrite screeds
Grout Type N/A
Grout Joint N/A
Product Code A/ADHESIVE/24