8mm Chrome Contour Tile Trim (TC101)

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8mm Chrome Contour Tile Trim (TC101)


8mm contour chrome tile trim by Tilebank.

A bright silver tile trim with a square profile and rounded edges for use with tiles with a thickness of 7mm or less. Most tiles have unglazed edges and a tile trim should be used when the tile's edge would be exposed such as on an external corner or around windows to prevent water ingress. 

Also commonly referred to as a box tile trim, each trim measures 2.5 metres in length or approximately 8 feet and can be cut down in size to suit.

Please note that unlike tiles, tile trims can not be palletised and will be delivered separately by UPS, rather than our usual courier. 


Size Length 250cm
Thickness N/A
Tiles Per Square Meter N/A
Tiles Per Box N/A
Finish N/A
PEI Rating N/A
Product Code T/SILVERTRIM/34