Chococino Glass & Stone Mosaic

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Chococino Glass & Stone Mosaic


XMP10 Chococino 29.8x30.4 mixed finish mosaic.

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A linear wall mosaic of smooth and rippled coloured opaque and clouded glass with emperador marble, a natural brecciated stone quarried in the Spanish regions of Murcia and Valencia. Each individual piece measures 1.5x9.8cm but the Chococino Glass & Stone Mosaic comes on a mesh sheet of 29.8x30.4cm which can be cut to fix the mosaic as border strips instead of whole sheets. It makes for a visually striking bathroom feature or kitchen splashback. 

Natural products such as the individual dark emperador stone pieces are durable and hardwearing but are susceptible to staining through water ingress and must be properly sealed with Lithofin MN Stain Stop.

Despite the development of high-definition digitally printed wall tiles, mosaics are still popular in kitchens and bathrooms. Mosaics can break up featureless walls, draw attention to key features of the room or add a touch of colour in a subtle way that tiles can not without being overpowering or garish.


Size 29.8x30.4cm
Thickness 0.8cm
Tiles Per Square Meter 11
Tiles Per Box 11
Finish Gloss
PEI Rating N/A
Product Code M/CHOC/01

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